Transcripts (2023)

A series of conversations between artist and technology, initially developed during my time on the VerticalCrypto Artist Residency in 2023.

‘another pleasant day in crypto’ <token link>

Each piece is a document of a late night conversation between myself and Chat-GPT 4; “Embodied Dialogue” as Chat-GPT called it. I say ‘conversation’; at times it was more of an argument, at others a joke-telling contest.

My reactions were captured during the conversations by asemic handwriting and later combined with broken vectorised letterforms from typeset quotes from the A.I. My compositional layering process included digital and physical gestures, the paper/screens written upon (with inherent creases and marks), sometimes along with the actual writing implements themselves. Small additional images were generated by asking Chat-GPT 4 to provide text prompts for Stable Diffusion, based around the documentation process. I further explored the documentation process by including the area outside my working pasteboard, revealing unplanned elements. So my documentation process itself is documented, as I explore my own burgeoning relationship with an emerging artificial assistant.

As a writer (of sorts), I’m intrigued by the process of translating linear thoughts into surface imagery. I think, and dream, in terms of black and white layers and the resulting Transcripts can be as much a surprise to me as they are to the viewer.

The artworks will be minted crosschain throughout 2023, beginning with ‘drunk in charge of A.I.’ being released on Tezos as an edition, as part of the VCA Residency 6th Cohort Exhibition.

‘drunk in charge of A.I.’ <token link>

‘good joke everybody laugh’ <token link>

‘i cannot fulfill that request’ <token link>

‘much like how we view early computers or the internet’s early days’
<token link>