Soliloquy (2022)

Soliloquy is built around a central futuristic narrative which may, slowly, become known. A total of sixteen Soliloquy 1/1s will eventually be minted on Foundation via the ‘altgnon’ Manifold contract. Holding one of these pieces may be useful in the future.

Sketches and clues to future pieces may appear in other formats, in other locations. These may, or may not, be announced.

Launched: December 2022
4320px x 7680px PNG

»A series of mysterious, large format, thought-captures. Prior to rescue, they appear to have been damaged by previous attempts to redact them. The language used remains nameless. Messages from persons unknown, frozen in time.«

»Originally discovered on vast modular digital screens, the pieces have been respectfully restored but may reveal evidence of cabinet brightness errors.«